Monday, July 11, 2011

Life In Minnesota Thus Far...

We have been very busy since arriving in Minnesota. Really too busy to realize that we are living here. It still feels like summer vacation and that we are only here for a few weeks. It does not help that the town home and suburb we are currently living in is temporary, only for a year. Anywho, we are making the best of it and getting settled. Here are some photos of our latest adventures.

How can you not love this goof ball?! I think she is getting a little shaggy. There may be a haircut in her future. Although I am waiting because after I got Bean's 1st haircut she didn't look like a baby anymore and it made me sad. :(

Bean, Hannah (she's on my back), and I on the carousel at Como Zoo. Ella really enjoyed the ride.

Hannah has a love for shoes. She digs my shoes out of the closet and tries to wear them around the house. She's a hoot.

The covered buttons I made for Bean's Dr. Suess dress. She helped me with them, but only because it was too "buggy" to play outside. She did tell me that when she grows up she'll be a sewer like mommy. It was very sweet.

Bean wearing the Dr. Suess dress I sewed for her, while holding her Urtle the Turtle. She wanted to hold Hop on Pop, Horten, and Fox in Socks as well, but could not balance them all.

We continued the tradition of watching the North Mankato Fun Days parade from the Johnson's house. Bean found the treat table quickly. :)

Hannah spent most of the parade running between Oma, Opa, Dad, and Mom. She only tried to run away to a new family once. We caught her. :)

Bean was thrilled with her candy collection from the parade.

We've been hanging out with Lisa and Pete and it's been grand. I can't tell you how thrilled we are to be close to them again. They are great friends and we always have a wonderful time with them!

We went to Como Zoo and the girls had a great time Hannah saw the zebras and said "doggie, woof, woof." What a goofball.

We had a fanastic time being part of Seth and Laura's wedding! (Yes, we are wearing clothes, they got cut off in the picture... it wasn't that kind of party! Get your head out of the gutter Seth Boyd.)
The happy couple! Their wedding was a beautiful celebration of their love for each other and their love for their family and friends.

(We also attended Renee and Dustin's wedding. It was a beautiful garden wedding and fit them perfectly! In true Megan form I brought the camera and left it in the car. Oh dear.)

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