Thursday, June 23, 2011

I Need Chairs...

Because we are eating like this:

(Philip and I sit on the floor as well.)

And our dining room looks like this:

So this morning the girls and I will go on a quest for chairs. (Well we will price them, we will actually get them this weekend.)

I want this:

(Pottery Barn... far to expensive!)

Or these:
(Pottery Barn again. Far to expensive again. And no longer available.)

I don't mind this:
(But it's Ikea. Which means the quality is not as grand. But it's in our price range.)

So off we go on a chair hunt. So far Craigslist does not have anything jumping out at us. And as much as I would like to wait on Craigslist or yard sales, I really want to sit in a chair while eating much sooner then later. :)

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