Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Escaping the Heat

Well, we tried to escape the heat by heading North to Duluth, MN and Ely, MN. We made a valiant effort, but it was still toasty. We had a great time in Duluth visiting my Oma, aunt Cathy, uncle Bob, and cousin Kyle. It's such a blessing to be close to everyone again. The girls had a great time. I enjoyed several late night conversations with Oma. It's one of my favorite parts about visits to Duluth. I think that Bode enjoyed himself the most of all. Oma spoiled him with treats and took him on walks. He didn't really want to leave. I think she enjoyed his company as well.

We spent a day up in Ely, MN as well. One of former campers, Helena, had her AE banquet at camp and it was an honor to attend. We spent several hours at Widjiwagan, just walking around and exploring with the girls. I love that everything is pretty much the same. I can't wait for the girls to attend Widjiwagan and I am already excited to hear about their trips. (I better start saving money now!)

The girls coloring with Oma. :)

Hannie beats the heat by being cute. It's easy for her.

Bode had a grand time in Duluth. Oma spoiled him rotten with treats and brought him on walks early in the morning when it was not so hot. Aunt Cathy also loved on him. It's good to be Bode.

The highlight of Ella's weekend was throwing rocks. She threw rocks in Lake Burnside and Lake Superior. It made her very happy.

Ella read to a giant moose in Ely, MN.

Oma threw rocks with Ella. Oma is very good at skipping rocks. Ella just likes to throw rocks. The bigger the better. Oma founds some grand, BIG, rocks for Bean to throw. I am so glad we get to visit Oma now. It makes my heart happy.

Life is good! (Please note that there were NO waves on lake Superior. It was crazy calm, and crazy hot.)

My former camper and I at Widji. It was so great to see her and see her with her AE campers! I love Widji so much. I especially love that it does not change all that much. I had not been back in about 7 years, but it was all pretty much the same*. I even saw several familiar faces. Kathy, the cook. (Who still remembers my love for her food, especially her ice cream.) Patty, another former camper. I was her intro counselor and now she is leading an Explorer trip! Kurt, who I worked with, and is now admin. It was grand.

Ella Bean at Chapel Point. She'll attend Widji in 9 years. :)

Hannie sitting in front of Kirby waiting for dinner. She'll attend Widji in 11 years.

* One change I am not thrilled about is the no skinny dipping rule. That makes me sad for many reasons, but that is post for another day. A post that I am pretty sure most folks would not be all that interested in.

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