Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ella Bean's Vintage Flour Sack Apron Dress

I was sewing at my parent's house a couple weeks ago and eyed up a beautiful, vintage, hand embroidered flour sack my mom had hanging in her sewing room. Since she didn't have any particular plans for it, she let me use it to make Ella Bean a splendid dress! I used the Portabellopixie - Claire pattern. The patterns are not necessarily easy to sew, but the directions are very well written. I had to modify the pattern a wee bit to make the skirt longer, due to the size of the embroidery.

I found the skirt and bodice fabric at Firefly Quilt Shop in Mankato, MN. When I saw it I knew it would be a perfect match with the flowers on the flour sack. It was meant to be.

I used another part of the flour sack for the back of the apron, so there is even a little special touch on the backside.

The sash was fun and sort of unique.

Well there it is. I am so excited for Ella Bean to see it in the morning! I hope she loves it. Thank you mom for the flour sack. I am glad you and Oma have a good eye for estate sale treasures!


  1. LOVE it!! You're a sewing machine!

  2. Isn't Megan Ann a talented and creative seamstress? Another great creation by Megan!!