Saturday, July 30, 2011

Kato & Park Adventures

The girls and I went down to Mankato this past week for three days to help my mom out. She had surgery on her foot and needs to be off her feet for two weeks while it heals. Asking my mother to be off her feet is like asking a bird not to fly, it's trouble! But she has done a pretty good job so far. I know exactly where I get my stubbornness from though. :)

Today we went on an adventure to one of the Minneapolis wadding pools. They are grand! They are clean, fun, and FREE. There are over 60 wading pools in Minneapolis, so clearly we had several to choose from. We went to the one at Waban Picnic area at Minnehaha Park. We had a picnic and then the girls got to play in the water. Ella enjoyed running around, but Hannah was the happiest sitting on the edge scooping water. Luckily there was even shade, so we didn't have to worry too much about the girls and the sun. I even visited with a mom who was nursing her little guy, who lives in the neighborhood we want to buy in. Perhaps we'll run into her and family again. She was very nice. After our trip to the wadding pool we went up to see Philip's dad in Lino Lakes. We had a good time visiting with him and eating hot dogs for dinner. (The girls were of course thrilled as they love playing trucks with Grandpa and eating hotdogs! Two great things at once!)

The girls playing at the wadding pool. They were too cute!

The girls keeping Oma company while she rested her foot. Ella Bean loved watching movies with Oma on the iPad. Hannah enjoyed cuddles.

My parent's dog, Maura, is one persistant beast. I don't know how many times I pushed her to the other side of the bed so that I could actually have room to sleep. Oh Maura, she likes to cuddle as well. Just like Hannah.

Bean is a super hero, watch out world!


  1. Megan, thanks for all of your amazing help! I really appreciate your help. You cooked,cleaned and organized. The girls made me laugh and smile. I have not seen them for 2 days now . . . The house is so quiet; I miss them! There is nothing like the sound of happy little feet padding across the room . . . Ten more days of being OFF my feet 95% of the time . . .oh me oh my, I WILL be figuring out a way to sew yet!

  2. I cannot believe how big Hannah is now!!!!!!!

  3. Wait a minute - those aren't from your Frida teddy bear, are they?!

    p.s. love the flamingo suit.