Sunday, January 8, 2012

Matt's Cuddly Flannel Quilt

This was my brother's Christmas gift. He's the kind of guy that really has everything he wants and if he doesn't have it he can buy it. I struggled with what to give him for Christmas but then I realized that he can't buy a home made quilt and he would appreciate something cozy for his apartment in Boston. 

Finding the fabric was tricky. First, I needed flannel, which already limited the selection. Second, I wanted something that wasn't girly or for babies. (There is a lot of girly and baby flannel out there!) I also didn't want flannel that was plaid with deer or moose that belonged in a hunting lodge. That's not his style at all. I really lucked out at SR Harris Fabric Outlet and found this great fabric at a fantastic price. I love the green pallet and thought it was manly enough for a bachelor pad without saying "I want to go hunt some deer and eat them!" 

Anywho, putting the quilt together was pretty simple as far as quilts go. It's just a bunch of 12 inch squares made into a sandwich. The print on bottom, with white flannel in the center, and print on top. I quilted an "X" on each sandwich. Then I sewed the sandwiches together with the seams all facing the same side. After they were sewn together I cut into the seams every inch or so. Then I washed it a couple times. Washing it makes the seams so soft and fluffy! It's the best. This quilt is a throw size for Matt's couch. Hopefully someday soon we'll make it out to Boston to visit him and I'll see it in it's new home.

This is a great way to make cute and easy baby quilts too. And as I mentioned above, there is no shortage of cute baby flannel at a great price. Jo-Ann Fabrics has two rows of it. 

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