Sunday, January 8, 2012

"The Luckiest" Quilt

Can I tell you how excited I was about this project?! I think it was the highlight of my crafting/sewing year in 2011. The hardest part is I couldn't talk about it because it was for a dear friend! But now Christmas has passed so I can share. So here it is:

My friend is a HUGE Ben Folds fan. I thought I was a fan, until I met her. My fan level pales in comparison. So when when I saw several quilts like this, I had to do one for her with Ben Folds lyrics. And what better lyric to use then "I Am The Luckiest." Because let me tell you, I am the luckiest to have a friend like her.

First I used wonder under on fabric for the letters. I typed the letters I needed on my computer. (In a font I liked.) Then I just ran the fabric with wonder under on it through my printer, just like paper. It worked like a charm. All I had to do was cut out the letters. Someday I will own a Silhouette CAMEO, but until then this methods works great. Next I just ironed the letters on my pennants and appliqued around each letter.

After that, I appliqued the pennants on my white fabric so they draped like bunting. I chose a white on white print instead of plain white. It gave it a little character without being too bold. I really wanted the pennants to stand out.

Next, I added the rick rack along the top of the pennants. I love the green. It's fun!

Last, I quilted it. I choose to echo quilt and I love how it turned out. I did it without marking it ahead of time. I could have done that to make it more exact, but that would not fit the quilt. It is more of a "freestyle" quilt. I used purple thread for the quilting.

It was such a fun project for a friend who I love dearly.

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