Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lazy Weekend

This is how we roll on a lazy weekend.
Hannah enjoys playing in laundry baskets. Who says kids need fancy toys? :)

Hannah didn't get dressed at all yesterday. She enjoyed frolicking naked. Someday she will enjoy Naked Hiking or Naked Paddling at Widjiwagan. (Of course I am a stronger supporter of Naked Hiking, since I was a Mountaineer, but I would be happy with a Voyageurs as well. Perhaps one of each?)

Ella's baby doll was feeling sick, so she had to go to bed. (I finally folded laundry, so the baskets were free.)

Ella thought she would take a little snooze too.

Her other baby had to go in the stroller to the doctor. I guess she does not have healthy babies.

So that concludes our lazy weekend so far. We will head out soon for the grocery store because no matter how lazy our weekend is, we do need food to eat. I imagine I should get Hannah dressed for a trip to the grocery store.

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