Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hannah's Words

Hannah in her robot dress from Wellies. I love this dress!

I love that Hannah is constantly "talking." Perhaps she is like me a little bit! :) Here are her words:

- Mommy

-Daddy (She often says this in the car on the way home from daycare and Ella gets upset because dad is not in the car. Oh Bean!)

- Hoho (The name of her lovie. She says it the minute she wakes up and searches her bed for it. Her mouth makes the cutest little "O" shape when she says it.)

- Eat (The second thing she says each morning.)

- Nana (This is what she says when she wants to nurse. She'll say "nanananananana." It's very sweet!)

- Please

- Ella

- Banana (It sounds more like baba, but we know what she means.)

- Blue Berry (It sounds more like Boo, but again we know what she means.)

- Water (She says "wawa.")

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