Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bargin Lace Creation #1

On a recent trip to Hancock Fabrics I found this for 20 cents a yard. I got really excited and purchased the entire spool, all 14 yards. I was not sure what I would do with it, but I would figure it out. (This lace is normally $4 a yard!)

I used 12 inches of it to create the embellishments on this skirt for Ella Bean. She loves it. I'll add a picture of her wearing her skirt later. (First I need to get a matching shirt done.) I also found a new use for the snap press. I used it to attach the flowers and lace to the apron. It was super quick and easy.
The fabric is left over from Hannah's apron knot dress that I sewed earlier. (I've got a post about it as well.) I look forward to getting a cute picture of the girls wearing their outfits!

So that is my first creation with my bargin lace. I still have 492 inches left. So many options! I am going to attempt to dye some of it. I think that will be fun. Ella wants a baby doll dress with lace trim. I may even make something for myself! :)

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