Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Lake.... is Bliss

We just got back from spending Mother's Day weekend at the lake with Renee and Aiden. We all had a wonderful time! Philip got to be in town this weekend because he flew down to defend his thesis. AND this time next week he will officially have his masters degree from UNCC. YIPPY! Here are some pictures from our weekend adventures.

My girls!

Ella helping dad drive the boat

I have no clue what Ella is doing in this picture, but I love it!

Bean and dad looking for shells

Hannah and daddy

Aiden checking out the water

Playing at the "Beach" - it's the only place along the lake that has sand and lots of folks, mostly kiddos like playing there.

Look at that charming smile!

The kids playing on the sofa.
Aiden enjoyed moving the pillows all over the place. It was very comical. He's one strong kid!

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