Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Good Bye Stewart

Today I drove Stewart for the last time. Our dear 1994 Honda Accord with 260,000 miles. Stewart was purchased by the Klaber family in 1994, when I was 10-years-old. He was the first car I drove when I got my license at 16-years-old. I drove a HUGE car pool for swimming in Stewart. When I was a senior in high school one of his tires had a slow leak, but instead of fixing it I kept the air compresser in the trunk and filled it back up at the end of each school day. In college I celebrated when he hit 200,000 miles. It was a big day for Stewart. He was the get away car when Philip and I got married. We drove Stewart down to North Carolina, with Chewie the hamster in the passenger seat. He was a good car for us. He safety transported our girls for several years.

Last week we brought him in for a check up before Philip heads back to Minnesota and found his repairs cost more than he's worth. We bought a family mini van this weekend to replace Stewart. Luckily our trusted Honda mechanic, Eric, wanted to buy Stewart. He can tinker with him and get him running ok. Eric was looking for a "Fishing Car" and looks forward to driving him. Naturally we had all the records because my mom keeps very good records and as do I. Eric was very impressed. I know it's silly, because Stewart is a car, but I am happy he's with with a Honda mechanic who will take good care of him. He's an old man car. He needs a good owner. We'll miss you Stewart!

Philip, John and I with Stewart when he hit 200,000 miles.

The odometer hitting 200,000 miles.

Philip and I on our wedding day. Getting ready to drive away in Stewart. Some folks have limos or horses. We had Stewart. A good car.

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  1. Ahhhh, Stewart was (still is sorta')a good car . . . Happy retirement Stewart! You served us well ;-)