Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Day of Bliss...

Today was wonderful, a wonderful day of bliss. It started off with sleeping in, which is always grand. Ella Bean was up early, but she just crawled in bed and read stories while I slept. Hannah slept until 9 AM. It was fanastic! We made yummy coffee cake for breakfast and Bean helped. She is a pretty good cook. She is very fond of stirring things. We had a lazy morning of playing blocks and puzzles. Hannah likes to knock down Ella's towers. Ella is not so keen on this.

After our lazy morning he headed over to Julianna and Drew's house for the afternoon. Julianna and I and the four kiddos headed out on a walk to nearby Lake Lynn. (For you Minnesota folks it would be more "Pond Lynn".) It was a great workout pushing the kids up hills in the stroller! Once we got to Lake Lynn Grant, Ella, and Andy Bear had a stupendous time hitting the water with sticks, throwing rocks, splashing, and stepping in mushy mud. Julianna and I were discussing how sweet childhood is and how grand it is that they were having the most wonderful time with a few sticks, water, and mud. It was fun to watch. Hannah spent most of the time sitting in a tuff of grass and picking at it. After the kiddos were sufficiently muddy and messy we headed back home. We took the "off road" option, which would have been perfect without strollers. With strollers it was a wee bit interesting, but we made it all in one piece. Even Buddy the dog who tried oh so hard to get tangled in the stroller wheels. Poor Old Man Buddy.

When we got back the kids stripped down naked and frolicked about. Grant was very excited to give Ella some of his clothing to wear. He wanted her to wear PJs because they were "more comfortable" but Ella Bean opted for a Thomas shirt and shorts. The kids all played peacefully for a while, without any adult help, which was small piece of Heaven! Drew made delicious burgers for dinner and Bean even ate some. (No surprise that Hannah inhaled her burger and fries.) The girls both fell asleep on the way home.

Now we are home... it's still wonderful and warm outside. (It was at least 70 and sunny today.) It's just getting dark. Bean has informed me that it's not dark yet, so she can't go to sleep. She's up reading her story books on the sofa. Hannah is out cold.

So today is bliss... the only thing that could have made it better would be Philip being here to enjoy it with us.

Off to read with my munchkin. Then perhaps some sewing for me.

Grant is parting the Red Sea with his powers.

Andy Bear and Ella Bean splashing around.

Hannah and me. Hannah is getting so close to walking!

Hannah playing in the grass in her tutu dress.

Bear is up to no good.

Bear is fiercely independent, so naturally at 18 months he does not understand why he cannot go hiking on his own. After all, the dog is with him. (Bear is the blue speck, Buddy is right behind him.)

Grant is having fun in the mud... oh lovely mud!

Bean enjoying herself at the lake!

Grant and Bean throwing sticks and rocks in the water.


  1. These pictures are absolutely priceless. It really was so much fun today. Exactly what childhood should be about.

  2. Looks like a wonderful day . . . . complete with water, sticks, rocks and mud!