Saturday, February 5, 2011

Let's Hear It For J & J!

I am a special education teacher and most days I LOVE the teaching part of my job. (The paperwork is another story for another day!) Well yesterday I got to celebrate two exciting milestones with two special students. (Who I will refer to as J #1 and J#2.) I've been teaching J#1 reading for the past four years. He's been working his tale off for four years. When I started teaching him he was 2 grade levels behind in reading. Well last week he read on grade level! He is reading 5th grade level material at the appropriate rate. YIPPY! I am so proud of him. J#2 has a hard time controlling his temper and can get upset really quickly. Well, this past quarter he did not have a SINGLE outburst, not one! That is such a big deal! I got to watch him use the techniques he's learned to calm himself down and he's a pro. I am so proud of both my boys! So to celebrate my fellow special education teacher and I had a pizza part with the boys. They were so excited. They built their own pizza on the Papa John's website. It was a grand time to spend with them. They are so proud of themselves and they should be. :) :)

So if you ever wonder why teachers do what they do, this my friends is why we do it.


  1. :) The students in your class and parents of your students should thank God for someone as wonderful as you teaching their children each and every day! You ROCK Megan!!

  2. oh neat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :)

  3. Thank you Brandy. :)I really enjoy teaching my kiddos!