Saturday, February 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Hannah!

Happy Hannah!

Hannah REALLY enjoyed her cake!

The monkey cake MawMaw Vickie made. It was grand!

Ella and her Godmother, Renee. She loves Renee. For many reasons, but I think a big one is because she always seems to have a snack for Bean. ;)

Aiden tried the fun to be one hat on. He's got a few months to go, but not far off!

Today was Hannah's birthday party. Her actual birthday is not until the 22nd, but we celebrated with friends today. It was a grand time! We all had yummy R&R BBQ, slaw, beans, & hush puppies. Maw Maw Vickie made the cutest monkey cakes and cup cakes for the party. Ella Bean originally planned to eat all the cake by herself, but decided to share in the end. It was very kind of her. Our party favors where yummy, yummy cake pops made by my co-worker, Janelle, who owns Peace, Love, & Cake Pops. They were a hit. Hannah got very thoughtful and wonderful gifts. We are lucky to have so many great friends!


  1. Wow! She is growing up so fast. I can't believe she is almost 1.

    Amazing cake.