Sunday, February 20, 2011

I don't think you're a stalker...

This was Philbert's Valentine's Day gift. I got this idea from Flamingo Toes. Philip and I met at a conference our sophomore years in college. We went to different schools. Philip went to Concordia and I went to UWEC. We talked for HOURS on Saturday night. Then on Sunday when everyone was heading home Philip was super awkward and didn't get my email address. So I walked up, told him it was nice to meet him and that was that... or so I thought.

About two weeks later I got an email from him that started with "I hope you don't think I am a stalker but..." Philip did lots of detective work to figure out my email address. He knew I was from Mankato, he knew I was Megan, and he knew I was the editor of my high school newspaper. He found my first and last name on an old issue of my high school newspaper and then looked me up in the college directory. So I don't think he's a stalker. I am glad he tracked me down. :)

The blue and red lines are sewn on the machine. The words were all sewn by hand. I wrinkled it up before I framed it so it looked more like notebook paper. It was a fun project and Philbert liked it. :)