Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Little Bit Funky Ornaments

I LOVE the blog Little Bit Funky and she had the cutest ornaments this Christmas. So, I made my own and they turned out pretty fun. :) I didn't like sewing with the vinyl because it bunched up/stuck on my machine, but when I put a layer of tissue paper over the top it solved that problem. My friend, Julianna, did the same ornaments and did not have that problem. Perhaps it's because she used a thicker vinyl. Anywho, I can officially show pictures now that everyone has their ornaments! :)

(The photo in the ornament was done by Jen Sides of Four Sides Photography. She got some great shots!) http://www.foursides-photography.com/


  1. Hey Megan - this is really cool! I was just telling Dad we need to do SOMETHING in the back hall before I trip over all the boot, etc . . . This could work nicely, and I could still put Maura's dog food container on the bench.
    Way cool!

  2. Mom,
    It's an IKEA bench. I'm sure dad would question the quality, but it works for us. (He can always build one, right?) :)