Friday, April 15, 2011

Pig Tails for Hannah

Check out Hannah's first pig tails! :) One of her teachers at daycare loves doing her hair. I wish I could do it, but it's a hot mess when I try. She's growing up so fast. She walks all over the place now. She says Mom, Ella, yes, yum, & HoHo (her lovey's name). She loves to climb and is our little monkey. She climbs on our bed, the chair, the sofa, the bathtub, and the list goes on. She enjoys playing in water and taking baths. She likes to play hide and seek and squeals when we "find" her. She loves to snuggle and nurse. She's such a sweet little girl and she's getting big too fast! She's in the Toddler room at daycare and I keep on thinking that she does not belong there because she's still my baby. Love her!

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