Sunday, April 10, 2011

Discovery Place Kids - Huntersville ROCKS

Hannah enjoying the little kid area. She LOVED the flowers and the little bridge she could walk on.

Ella and Grant (in the full gear behind Ella) enjoyed the fire truck.

Ella shopping in the grocery store. She had so much fun!

Ella at one of the water tables. There were a ton!

Hannah at the little kids water table. She is sitting in a highchair seat. She spent at least an hour here and loved it!

We recently visited Discovery Place Kids in Huntersville and it was grand! The girls had such a great time. If we were not moving I would have purchased a family membership. Fortunately there are similar places back in Minnesota. Unfortunately the fabulous friends we enjoyed the adventure with will remain in North Carolina. (I apologize for the bad pictures. There were taken on my cell phone. Next time I'll bring my real camera.)

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  1. I missed G in full gear. How funny!!
    DPK really is a blast!