Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Freedom... Is A LONG Book

I'm reading Freedom by Jonathan Franzen for the CPM Book Club (my mommies group). I am enjoying that, for the most part, it's set in Minnesota and I get the referances. I am also enjoying the story, even though it rambles a great deal. (I am ADHD... I can do rambling and roaming!) BUT it's LONG! It's my first book on my Kindle, that my dear husband and fantastic parents got me for Christmas. It's hard to judge the length of a book when you don't actually hold the paper in your hands. I do know I am 41% through thanks to the handy little counter on the Kindle, but this paperless book is going to take some getting used to for sure.

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  1. I know several people who are reading this - I'll have to get it from one of them when they are finished.